Writing Update 2019

Alternatively; 3 excuses for why I published nothing all of last year

Excuse 1: Academics

The first half of 2018 were the last 6 months in TGS, and the last 6 months in the IB. This meant that all my more creative assignments were more or less complete, which I often use a creative outlet and post the resulting poetry or writing on here. Additionally, of course, it meant exams were looming. Any time spent writing is time spent not studying. As any high school student knows, imminent externals are unparalleled when it comes to crushing creative spirit.

Excuse 2: Limbo

Since graduating in June, until a month ago, I was in a kind of limbo between two big stages of my life. I had eight months before I started university last month and it was weird. I kept myself as busy as I had been before graduating (working full-time, organising the 2018 TSFF, preparing for university, trying to spend time with family, many Te Papa trips (pictured), and a couple of concerts) but it was still a dramatic shift. I no longer had the routine, stability, and friends I was so used to, and I didn’t really have alternative routines, stability and friends to replace them. I couldn’t walk across a corridor and force a friend to see if what I’d written made any sense. I wasn’t studying in any capacity and thus didn’t have a study-space that I could seamlessly use as a creative space. Even when I did write it was usually to get stuff off my chest when I had no one to talk to and wasn’t anything substantive.

Excuse 3: Stuff in the works

Despite what you’ve just read, I have actually been writing. I have a number of projects that are at various levels of completion and various levels of viability. A screenplay about 60s activism I’ve had planned out since May that you will probably never see. A year-long series of poems that you probably will see soon. A reflective adventure fiction piece that I’ve been writing bits and pieces for over the last couple of months and you may see sometime this year. In February I started studying at the University of Otago in a BSc in Ecology with a minor in film studies. I’m adjusting to university life and will be prioritising studying and forming a cohesive social network but I will undoubtably be writing and more than likely be posting that writing right here so have faith, big things are coming, and thanks for reading everything thus far.

P.S. In the meantime I will upload one or two academic works of mine that and I think are worth reading even as an everyday reader, starting with my extended essay on the philosophical theory of ethical egoism and why, in my opinion, it’s BS. So that’ll be uploaded shortly:)