Early Morning Thoughts

As I walk alone along a path of trees early in the morning, with the roaring of the great rolling ocean waves no more than 20 metres away from me and birds chirping all around, I think to myself, this is bliss, and a thousand philosophical ponderings attempt to enter my mind, but I shut them out. I shut them out because I do not want to wonder right now, I only want to wander. I allow my feet to wander and take me along this blissful path as they please, and I do similarly with my mind.

As I look up at a thunderous pine tree towering over me, in the 6am light I can't tell whether those silhouettes are pine cones or birds, I wander some more and hear the shrieking of the seagulls. If you are anywhere near the beach you can hear the shrieking of the seagulls, but if you listen hard enough, you can hear a brilliantly beautiful song, overpowered by the seagulls but still there nonetheless. I spin around andsee a Pohutukawa tree a few early blossoms present, waiting for Christmas before the rest blossom. I look at the Pohutukawa and spy a small Tui,The white tuff on its neck displayed proudly. The call is extremely unique and quite fascinating, and I decide to just stand in awe of nature's beauty for a while. I stand and stare at the Tui in the Pohutukawa tree with the birds and the beach making merry music in my ears, and I remind myself that I am back in New Zealand once more, and I smile to myself quietly.